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Judith Kirscht writes novels and short stories on the American experience, carrying the reader deep into the crises that challenge our ideas of contemporary life.

New Releases

It’s here…my 3rd novel!

HomeFires_coverHOME FIRES comes out of the years spent walking and beach combing Ellwood Mesa, north of the Santa Barbara campus—a fairytale existence Myra mirrors at the opening of this book.

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Myra Benning gazes across the meadow to the sea and the Santa Barbara Channel Islands beyond, unbelieving that she, awkward daughter of the Minnesota prairie, could have ended up in such a place—and with the love of a successful husband and two beautiful children to boot. Little does she know, her golden world is about to collapse. Faced with her husband’s infidelity, she is driven to decisions that carry her family into the murky underbelly of the idyllic Benning family surface. She is soon unsure of what is real, what’s happening, and who is guilty of what.

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HOME FIRES is a finalist for the Nancy Pearl Award given by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for the best mainstream or literary novel published in 2013 by a traditional publisher. Winners to be notified at the PNWA conference in July.

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Home Fires by Judith Kirscht is a deeply emotional and dramatic story that unearths buried secrets kept by a family that spans three generations. The author unflinchingly faces the darker and often concealed sides of families and marriages and the dysfunctions that surface in a myriad of unexpected ways.

Home Fires is an intelligently written, fast-paced family drama that unfolds into a suspenseful page-turner. With spot-on dialog and believable characters, Kirscht explores the complexities of human nature and family bonds that sometimes lurk beneath seemingly idyllic veneers of normalcy.

–Chanticleer Review

To read the full review of Home Fires, click here –>

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Judith Kirscht’s Home Fires is a noteworthy and timely novel dealing with a family gone awry.

Myra and Derek Benning and their teenage children, Peter and Susan, appear to live a privileged life. Susan has a few social issues, but there’s love and strong bonds between the parents and children, and they’re a happy family. Myra feels blessed to have a handsome, successful husband and thankful for their enduring love. A phone call shatters her serenity and plunges the marriage into chaos.

Guilt, anger, and surmounting worry consume Myra. But then, an even more serious situation surfaces with daughter Susan and immediate action must be taken. Myra does what she must do, but at a price that affects every member of the family.

Mary Trimble, author of Tubob

Click here to read the full text of Mary’s review of Home Fires at her blog. (Opens in new window or tab…)

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“Home Fires” is like a finely crafted layered cake. The multiple characters, and shifts in time and location, all fit in place impeccably, the story never losing its consistency. The author has created believable, distinct personalities that all make up the complex family environment. And just when we think we know exactly what we are having, there is a surprise…

For the full text of the latest review by Jaana Hatton


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