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The Rabbleville Varmints, #1

For those of you tempted to enter the drawing contest of the previous blog, here’s the first episode of The Rabbleville Varmints.


Above her drafting table, Matilda, Rufus, Eustasia, and Alphonse hung in a row like marionettes awaiting their puppeteer. Myra taped a fresh sheet of paper onto the board and began to draw.

 Eustasia, her wing spiked with Rufus’s quills, hopped about yowling that she’d been ruined. Rufus, striped of his half his quills, crouched in a corner, covering his ears. Matilda’s long neck appeared in the upper corner to find out what the fuss was about. Only Alphonse’s legs with their swollen knees were visible, but his hoarse croak of laughter came from above.

“What a sorry lot you are,” Matilda said.

“And who are you to talk?” Eustasia snapped back. “Look at that neck! It’s sunburned! You think you’re a heron?”

“And have to stand in one place for hours? Look at those knees!” Matilda poked at the Alphonse’s bulges with her beak. “What happened here, anyway?”


And from Helen Gregory Nopson, here are thee first entries!

Gregory HF critters

Contest Entry

A free paperback edition of HOME FIRES when it is released in January to the best pen and ink rendition of Matilda, Rufus, Alphonse, and Eustasia. Send your efforts to me via the email address on the Contact Me page (click here). Use the form on the Contact Me page to send your written permission to use the drawings on my web pages (website, blog, social media). I will credit you and site your website when I use them. You will also, of course, have the right to use them on your own sites.


The Tattered Eagle: A Snippet Triggered by a Window

This blog  falls  into the category of snippets–bits and pieces triggered by pictures, writing prompts, incidents–anything that brings pen to hand.  One of my favorite triggers when I was teaching was a book called WINDOWS by Val Clery,

A window gives a peek–imagine what lays beyond. The picture below, by John Visser, brought this snippet, a first draft  poem.


   The Tattered Eagle

by John de Visser

by John de Visser


A one-legged old man

Cooks up ribs and potatoes for his supper

behind this curtain.

Born in a tenant farmer’s hut

without much besides his brawn

to go on with

He served his country without question

And on the wall beside this window

Hangs a purple heart.

Heart and eagle are the markers of his life.

All of that is long ago

The war forgotten

Now the tattered eagle

Keeps out the jeers of passing boys

Who have not yet gone to war.

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