The Camera’s Eye: A Novel by Judith Kirscht (New Release)


November 4th, 2017

The Camera’s Eye by Judith Kirscht


A Tale of the insidious power of hatred

On an island in Puget Sound, two women waken to a rock crashing through their widow. As the attacks continue and worsen, the local police blame a local vagrant boy, but the women—professional photographer, Veronica Lorimer, and retired prosecuting attorney, Charlotte McAllister—suspect the source may involve their own pasts and Veronica’s estranged family.


“A peaceful home in the San Juan Islands turns perilous when two women are persecuted by residents who have plenty to hide … Master storyteller Judith Kirscht presents a thrilling mystery with heart, ripe for today’s environment and rich for readers …”
—Chanticleer Reviews

“Judith Kirscht has again shown her keen talent for keeping her reading audience in suspense with this thrilling mystery. … Old hatreds and fears surface, tarnishing relationships and hindering good judgment. Prejudice is passed from generation to generation …”
–Mary Trimble, Author, Sailing With Impunity

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