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What kind of book appeals to a book club? Books that stimulate conversation, books that make you think, books that open new areas of life–new places, people, culture, books that tell the story behind the story, books you relate to personally.  A book may appeal to one member and turn off another, but that’s half the fun; that’s where we discover our own issues and quirks.  If you are a book club member, please add to this list. I’m happy to say that my third novel HOME FIRES is now on the list at BOOK CLUB READING. Look it up and measure it against the expectations of your group.

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Here is the latest review:

 by Bill Howard for Readers’ Favorite

When things come crashing down on Myra Benning’s idyllic life in Home Fires, she has to reach deep inside to find the strength to continue. Judith Kirscht tells the story of how the awkward girl who grew up on the Minnesota Prairie faces a life and family that has fallen apart. Having discovered her husband’s infidelity, she decides that she will stick it out until her oldest son has gone on to college and her daughter is adjusting better to school. Things take a turn when her husband carries things into deeper issues and she has some difficult decisions to make. While facing down the Benning family’s string of issues that have been passed down from father to sons, she refuses to turn a blind eye and faces the situation head on. Though she takes the hard road, it is the beginning of healing, but will it be enough to get her life back on track again?

Judith Kirscht has brilliantly chronicled the deep emotions and struggles that go along with infidelity and the way it ruins families in Home Fires. As she develops the emotions of the characters and unravels the plot, the added touch of her “venting” comic strip provides a unique twist to the telling of the story. I found myself deeply wrapped up in the emotions and struggles and had a tendency to wander off and explore issues from my own experience. Honest, real and profound, Home Fires will challenge you on a very deep level and open your heart on another.

 Good reading to all!


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