Another Kudo for HOME FIRES

HOME FIRES, Judith Kirscht's third published novel

HOME FIRES, a finalist for both the Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s Nancy Pearl Award and Readers Favorite Realistic Fiction award last year, has won first place in Contemporary Fiction for Chanticleer Review’s Somerset Award.  This makes it a finalist for Chanticleer’s Grand Prize. Winner will be announced at Chanticleer’s Award Banquet on September 29th.

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To refresh your memory, HOME FIRES, set on the Santa Barbara Coast, is the story of Myra Benning, whose idyllic life collapses when she learns of her husband, Derek’s, infidelities. Her decisions carry her into the murky underbelly of the Benning family where she is no longer sure who is guilty of what.

And here are a few snippets of what others have said about it.

 HOME FIRES is for you if you like  

 Stories that “shine a light on real things that matter”

                                                                              Kristen Nathan, Chicago Literati. 12/17/13

 Stories that “even when I wasn’t reading … was on my mind.”

                                                                              Mary Trimble, author, 12/16/13

 Stories that are deal with difficult problems but are “neither depressing nor trying to push an agenda” and are “difficult to put down.”

                                                                              Bruce Whitmore, reader, 11.29/13

 Women characters who “… take[s] the whole situation by the reins and deals with it head on rather than turning a blind eye.”

                                                                              Kristen Nathan, Chicago Literati. 12/17/13

 Stories that have you “ laughing, crying and feeling like I was there with the family.”

                                                                              Mairi Campbell, author, 11/06/13

 Stories that lose you in another world. “Judith has an amazing way of bringing not only the characters to life for the reader but a way of pulling the reader in and becoming part of the surroundings.”

                                                                              Mairi Campbell, author, 11/05/13.

 I invite you to take a look.

Order it at your local bookstore find it on-line at Barnes & Noble or Amazon


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