Introducing ONE WHO LOVES, A Great Read

I’m delighted to introduce author, Toni Fuhrman  and her first novel, One Who Loves,  just published in e-book by New Libri Press. I’ve loved Toni’s work for years; her grasp of the subtleties of human nature is as impressive as her prose. She has a gentle touch and a fluidity that will carry you through her stories and deep into her characters. Do help me celebrate her debut as a published author by telling all of your e-book reading friends and sharing this review.  It is truly  a read that will stick with you.


One Who Loves

Between the opening Somerset Maughm quote, “There is always one who loves and one who lets himself be loved,” and the end of the first scene, “Does any of it matter, now that it’s over?” lies the story of two couples and the fluctuating passions that bind them for a lifetime. The core love story is Liz’s, the dominant character often Tess, and together with the men they love.

Liz’s quiet love is no match for the electric Tess, who magnetizes and energizes all around her and marries Jon, the man Liz will love first and last throughout her life. The depth of Liz’s pain colors her life but doesn’t destroy the love she bears Tess. She marries Patrick, who adores her and thus becomes the stormy nexus of the one loved and the lover.

The waves of love, jealousy, lust, and anger that flow between the four, rather than destroying the friendship seem to bond the two couples, so that it becomes the story of the many different forms of love that sustain us. Though we feel Liz’s struggles most intensely, the drafts of similar conflicts emit from each of the others. The novel’s power lies in the grace and delicacy of Toni Fuhrman’s prose as she traces the shifting balance of love and being loved through their lives.

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