New Book Coming?


The Camera’s Eye, a new manuscript


Many thanks to Chanticleer Reviews for their support of Indie authors. Hawkins Lane and Home Fires both won first in category awards in 2016 and 2014 respectively. Do check out their great book review site at #CAC17, #SeriousAuthors, #SomersetShortlister, and Twitter account @ChantiReviews. 

This manuscript was also a finalist for the William Faulkner Wisdom Award in 2015.

Here’s the blurb

A rock through the window ends the peaceful existence photographer, Veronica Lorimore, and attorney, Charlotte McAllister, have sought on an island in the Puget Sound. Faced with the disinterest of the local police, they explore possible culprits, ranging from a vagrant boy known to break into empty houses, criminals Charlotte has put away as prosecuting attorney, and islanders angered by Veronica’s recently published photo book. Their search leads to members of a local church group that believes they are lesbians—a belief that echoes, for Veronica, that of her own estranged children’ accusation—and to a boy Charlotte had removed from his addicted mother. The discovery that Veronica’s daughter is the youth group’s leader shifts the search to her own troubled past. The attacks continue and worsen, leading to her missing son, and impending discovery panics their young attacker, leading to tragedy and profound rethinking by all those involved.

Let’s hope it finds a publisher soon!

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