The Tattered Eagle: A Snippet Triggered by a Window

This blog  falls  into the category of snippets–bits and pieces triggered by pictures, writing prompts, incidents–anything that brings pen to hand.  One of my favorite triggers when I was teaching was a book called WINDOWS by Val Clery,

A window gives a peek–imagine what lays beyond. The picture below, by John Visser, brought this snippet, a first draft  poem.


   The Tattered Eagle

by John de Visser

by John de Visser


A one-legged old man

Cooks up ribs and potatoes for his supper

behind this curtain.

Born in a tenant farmer’s hut

without much besides his brawn

to go on with

He served his country without question

And on the wall beside this window

Hangs a purple heart.

Heart and eagle are the markers of his life.

All of that is long ago

The war forgotten

Now the tattered eagle

Keeps out the jeers of passing boys

Who have not yet gone to war.

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