HOME FIRES Out in Print!

For those of you who still love to hold a “real” book in your hands, HOME FIRES is now out in paperback.


 If you like  

 Stories that “shine a light on real things that matter”

                                                                              Kristen Nathan, Chicago Literati. 12/17/13

 Stories that “even when I wasn’t reading it, the story was on my mind.”

                                                                              Mary Trimble, author, 12/16/13

 Stories that are deal with difficult problems but are “neither depressing nor trying to push an agenda” and are “difficult to put down.”

                                                                              Bruce Whitmore, reader, 11.29/13

 Women characters who “… take[s] the whole situation by the reins and deals with it head on rather than turning a blind eye.”

                                                                              Kristen Nathan, Chicago Literati. 12/17/13

 Stories that have you “ laughing, crying and feeling like I was there with the family.”

                                                                              Mairi Campbell, author, 11/06/13

 Stories that lose you in another world. “Judith has an amazing way of bringing not only the characters to life for the reader but a way of pulling the reader in and becoming part of the surroundings.”

                                                                              Mairi Campbell, author, 11/05/13.

Ellwood Mesa 04

 I invite you to take a look. Order it at your local bookstore find it on-line at Barnes & Noble or Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/Home-Fires-Judith-Kirscht/dp/161469043X/


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