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Sue Monk Kidd’s novel of two women in the pre-Civil War South will stay with you, I promise. I’ll say no more.     “There was a time in Africa the people could fly. Mauma told me this one night when I was ten years old. Mauma told me this one night when I was […]

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There must be Some Mistake


  Before I took off for Writers Conferences a couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Lori Roy’s Bent Road and asked readers to respond, giving me the titles and comments on good books they’ve read this year. Author Terry Persun did respond recommending Frederick Barthelme’s There Must Be Some Mistake. Here are his review and […]

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Help Find a Good Book

I haven’t reviewed a book on my blog recently, and it troubles me. It isn’t because I haven’t been reading, but because I haven’t fallen in love with the book in my hands. So I’m asking your help. Send me the title and author of the best book (or books) you’ve read this year, plus […]

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Sailing With Impunity: A great read

Join This Adventure! I write mostly about fiction, as my regular readers know, but once in a while I’m attracted to a non-fiction, especially memoir. Though Sailing With Impunity will especially appeal to sailors, and I am very much a  city-bred landlubber for whom sailing the Pacific in anything but a cruise ship would be unthinkable. […]

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Hawkins Lane by Judith Kirscht


For those of you who want a book to hold in your hand, flip back and forth, mark up, etc. HAWKINS LANE is in print. You’ll fine in by order at your local bookstore or on Amazon. And here is a taste of the latest review; this one by Chanticleer Reviews An engrossing story of […]

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Cascadia's Curse

A Thriller Must Read

J. A. Chernov’s first novel is a thriller must read. I don’t read very many thrillers, because most of them pay little attention to characterization. Terrorizing is the chief aim.  J. A. Cherov’s debut novel, Cascadia’s Curse, proved an exception. She is a technical and non-fiction writer by profession and this skill shows in the […]

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Stegner: Crossing to Safety

Enduring Bonds: Another Fine Read

  My last blog on Renee Simpson’s I Can’t Swim, talked about the mastery of creating characters who are flawed, lovable and deeply authentic. Wallace Stegner, renowned author of the West explores the mysteries of love and endurance in this, the last novel of his award winning career.   “Floating upward through a confusion of […]

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Another Great Read

  If you are a reader of either fiction or memoir or an author who struggles with the boundaries between the two, Renee Simpson’s fictional memoir, I Can’t Swim, is a read you shouldn’t miss. It combines the best of both genres. The voice of Rebee combines the innocence of childhood with the dry Queens […]

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Justice Carey Harrison

Another Great Book Reviewed

  I’ve been asking myself why I’m drawn to novels whose characters are caught up in the crises of our times. By “our” times, you understand, I mean in my lifetime, which may be “historic” to many of you. In any case, the book I’m reviewing today, Carey Harrison’s Justice, shed light on that question. […]

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The Prodigal

A Rich and Satisfying Read

    If you’re a fan of sea legends, like the Flying Dutchman, or puzzles from the past, like Dan Brown’s Da Vince Code, I invite you to read Michael Hurley’s The Prodigal, a novel that mixes the aura of such mysteries with parables and romantic suspense for a lively and absorbing read. Kirkus reviews […]

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The Crime of Julian Wells

Must Read Mysteries

Mysteries make good reading. Some are perfect for an afternoon at the beach, and some challenge your logical expertise. A third group absorbs you thoroughly, solving the mystery by a slow unraveling of the characters’ inner life. For me, this is the group that is memorable, for they open new areas of the human soul. […]

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All the Light We Cannot See_

Back to Reading

My apologies to anyone trying to read my blog in the last couple of weeks. We were having technical difficulties and it took a while to solve them. Also, I’ve been off to writer conventions—The Pacific Northwest Writers Association in Seattle and the Chanticleer Reviews in Bellingham—getting refueled. My own latest book, Home Fires, was […]

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