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Racial USA and The Inheritors

  Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement, race has once again hit the first page in the form of riots and police violence. But this time the Wall Street Journal of August 25th,”In Ferguson, Multiracial Neighborhoods Defy Image of Strife.”  stressed the multiracial peace that characterizes many neighborhoods in Ferguson Missouri. And today, multiracial […]

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Nowhere Else to Go by Judith Kirscht

Race in America—in Fiction

  Earlier in this series of blogs, I talked of the rewards of reading novels whose characters are swept up in the crises and “hot topics” of our times. In the discussion, I sympathized with readers who find topics such as the Holocaust and race done to death and given to ideological preaching. I recommended […]

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Reading Beyond the Familiar

Last week I talked about the disadvantages of fencing yourself into reading categories such as “mystery,” “romance,” etc. and about the rewards of reaching beyond those walls to find books that sweep readers into characters lives and move them to a different perception of the world or themselves. I discussed my own writing and reading […]

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Book Review: The Weird Sisters

As another of a series of reviews on the rewards of reading “reality” or”serious” fiction, let me introduce Eleanor Brown’s New York Times bestseller, The Weird Sisters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “We came home because we were failures.” So Eleanor Brown opens her debut novel of three sisters, born in a college town of a father immersed […]

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Book Review: Alice I Have Been

We’ve been talking, in recent blogs, about the rewards of reading novels. I discussed my own preference for stories about characters involved in our culture’s current dilemmas, but my recent reading reminds me that stories of the past bring  to life issues that never grow old. The book I’ll talk about today, Melanie Benjamin’s Alice I […]

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Goodbye for Now

Book Review: Goodbye For Now

  In last week’s blog I talked about the power of the novel to carry us into other lives and change our perspective on our own. I also talked about my own preference for characters confronting the crises of contemporary life. Laurie Frankel’s novel, Goodbye For Now, is an excellent example of both. You will […]

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Downton Abbey

Our Thirst for Family Sagas

From Downton Abbey to Dallas, from The Sopranos to Days of Our Lives, family sagas keep us thirsting for the next chapter. Maybe it is to escape our own lives, but I don’t think so. I think it is to escape the loneliness of our own crises, to recognize them in the lives of others—after […]

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Troubled Daughters

Celebrate the Short Story

The short story is enjoying a resurgence, and it’s no wonder it’s been rediscovered in these days of fractured time. I’ve always loved them and admired authors who can take a moment of life and distill it into its essence. Here are a couple of collections I recommend to you. They are very different, but […]

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Review of Home Fires

Many thanks to author, Mary Trimble for her review of my upcoming novel Home Fires, below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Judith Kirscht’s Home Fires is a noteworthy and timely novel dealing with a family gone awry. Myra and Derek Benning and their teenage children, Peter and Susan, appear to live a privileged life. Susan has a few social […]

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The Bookish Dame, Deborah Previte

The Inheritors: A New Review by The Bookish Dame, Deborah Previte

Many thanks to the Deborah Previte of the Bookish Dame for this review just published at her review site, The Bookish Libraria:     THE BOOKISH DAME REVIEWS : This is the story of a girl who inherits the house that belonged to her grandfather and mother.  Once she does, she finds pieces […]

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Review: In Search of America’s Heartbeat, by Robert Mottram

A Year in Search of America to Feel Its Heartbeat Tacoma journalist, Bob Mottram, and his public-health-nurse wife, Karen, decided to celebrate their retirement by taking that quintessentially American trip—a year traveling America in an RV. True to its title, the story of their journey is intimate and personal, yet expresses the vast geographical diversity […]

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The Inheritors by Judith Kirscht

Book Review: The Inheritors

I’m delighted to share with you a book review by Kristen Nathan published in the Chicago Literati blog, Chicago Now. When one is pulled between two worlds: A review of The Inheritors by Juditch Kirscht By Kristen Nathan, July 18, 2013 at 6:04 pm We all live in one world, or do we? Most of […]

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