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Review of Home Fires

Many thanks to author, Mary Trimble for her review of my upcoming novel Home Fires, below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Judith Kirscht’s Home Fires is a noteworthy and timely novel dealing with a family gone awry. Myra and Derek Benning and their teenage children, Peter and Susan, appear to live a privileged life. Susan has a few social […]

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The Varmints

The Rabbleville Varmints, #1

For those of you tempted to enter the drawing contest of the previous blog, here’s the first episode of The Rabbleville Varmints. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Above her drafting table, Matilda, Rufus, Eustasia, and Alphonse hung in a row like marionettes awaiting their puppeteer. Myra taped a fresh sheet of paper onto the board and began to draw. […]

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HOME FIRES by Judith Kirscht

An Invitation to Cartoonists

  Myra, the artist protagonist of HOME FIRES, discovers that cartooning herself, rather than her usual artistic modes, is the best medicine for the troubles of the day. Here she is:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Myra turned on the light, finally, and stared at the print run, which was, in fact, complete, and she was in no mood […]

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Home Fires by Judith Kirscht available at

Seeds of Doubt: Introducing HOME FIRES by Judith Kirscht

“Derek—Professor Benning. This is Gina. Call me.” The nervous young voice clicked off, leaving Myra staring at nothing. The only motion was the drifting fog, the only sound her own breathing; if she stood here long enough, the fog and the sea would lift all else away; gradually all would grow faint, diaphanous and vanish. […]

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Why Novels Make You Nicer

  According to an article by the above title in THE WEEK of October 25th, (pg 19) researchers at the New School for Social Research have found what English teachers have long maintained—that “reading fiction enables people to better understand other people’s feelings and perspectives.”   The Psychologists asked subjects ages 18-75 to read 10-15 […]

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Nowhere Else To Go by Judith Kirscht

Birth of a Novel

“Where did you get the idea for that novel?” I’ve heard authors answer that question in dozens of ways, including, “I haven’t the faintest idea.” More often than not, my answer would come close to that. How, in the first novel I wrote, did the image of a peacock rising from the prairie only to […]

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Grandma, Grandpa, me, girls

Who’re You From?

  One of the fascinations of writing fiction is creating characters “out of whole cloth”, then recognizing in them attitudes and dominant traits of myself, the people who shaped me, my children, or others who have left some mark. I remember creating Carla in The Inheritors and puzzling over her familiarity. Then I woke up […]

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HOME FIRES, Judith Kirscht's third published novel

HOME FIRES Out in Print!

For those of you who still love to hold a “real” book in your hands, HOME FIRES is now out in paperback.  If you like    Stories that “shine a light on real things that matter”                                                                               Kristen Nathan, Chicago Literati. 12/17/13  Stories that “even when I wasn’t reading it, the story was on my […]

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About The Inheritors

About The Inheritors I promised a blog about the journey from writer to author, but need to interrupt with some news. The Inheritors is now in paperback! You’ll find it at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but you can also order it at your local bookstore. The book page (link below) will give you a  […]

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