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Racial USA and The Inheritors

  Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement, race has once again hit the first page in the form of riots and police violence. But this time the Wall Street Journal of August 25th,”In Ferguson, Multiracial Neighborhoods Defy Image of Strife.”  stressed the multiracial peace that characterizes many neighborhoods in Ferguson Missouri. And today, multiracial […]

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Oklahoma Tornado

Tornado Thoughts

  Once again a killer storm has swiped across the nation , killing many and leaving thousands to view the rubble that was their lives. Tornadoes this time. Last week it was the California wildfires, last month Midwestern floods. Over and over we’ll hear, “We have nothing, but we’re alive.” But you’ve heard the words […]

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Boston Marathon exzplosion 4/15/13 Boston Marathon

Another Day of Terror

An eight year old boy was blown to bits, yesterday, as he waited for his father to finish the Boston marathon. Two others died and a hundred more were injured in the explosions that littered the sidewalk with dismembered legs. Who would, could, do such a thing? Foreign or domestic, political or deranged? We want […]

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My Thought for Today

This is not the post I was going to publish today. Holiday cheer feels out of place and offensive while twenty children lie dead on a Connecticut schoolroom floor. I am crying, like everyone else, “This has to stop!” On the television we hear our commentators turn to  Congress and the President, as though they […]

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