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The Varmints

The Rabbleville Varmints, #1

For those of you tempted to enter the drawing contest of the previous blog, here’s the first episode of The Rabbleville Varmints. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Above her drafting table, Matilda, Rufus, Eustasia, and Alphonse hung in a row like marionettes awaiting their puppeteer. Myra taped a fresh sheet of paper onto the board and began to draw. […]

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by John de Visser

The Tattered Eagle: A Snippet Triggered by a Window

This blog  falls  into the category of snippets–bits and pieces triggered by pictures, writing prompts, incidents–anything that brings pen to hand.  One of my favorite triggers when I was teaching was a book called WINDOWS by Val Clery, A window gives a peek–imagine what lays beyond. The picture below, by John Visser, brought this […]

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