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  As Trump indictments come raining down, we are witnessing the futile efforts of lawyers to deal with his out- of-control threats against those who have criticized him, including the judges. They have little chance of succeeding, because fear has worked for him all of his life, and will work for him again. Fear works. […]

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Tom segmented bowl

Celebrating My Brother

      Tom Kenyon   Today I received an email from my brother—my baby brother—announcing that he will be a demonstrator at the national symposium of Segmented Woodturners ( If you don’t know what a segmented woodturning is, here are a few pictures of Tom’s work.                  […]

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magoc book

The Power of the Imagination

  One of the greatest gifts of writing fiction is the ability to create characters and worlds, resulting in new perspectives that change your understanding of the people and the world around you. I remember inventing Carla in The Inheritors, then puzzling over her familiarity. I woke up one morning realizing that she sprang from […]

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magic lamp

Of Magic and Muses

  I was born and raised during the Depression in a row of apartment buildings behind the University of Chicago where young faculty raised their young. During the day, we children lived in the cobweb of banisters, porches, and staircases that climbed the back of the buildings. We climbed trees, walked fences and held secret […]

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End of The Race by Judith Kirscht

Origin of End of the Race

The culture conflict discussed in the last blog is a thread that runs throughout END OF THE RACE, a sub-plot but not the novel’s central focus. That came while idly reading a news article about a missing man and wondering “Why?” “What’s the story?” Those questions drive the story, but the content and depth arise […]

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one who loves

Interview with Author Toni Fuhrman

  Welcome, Toni,  You and I met in Ann Arbor in the 70s, so we have a long history as fellow writers. I’d like you to talk about your writing background—when you began to write, where you get your ideas, how you would describe your style of writing, and what authors have inspired you. Also […]

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Hawkins Lane by Judith Kirscht

The Creation of Hawkins Lane

  In my recent interview with author, Liz Adair, I said that HAWKINS LANE began with the image I woke with, one morning, of a child in a wooded lane sensing that the trees had taken everything up into their boughs, leaving the lane untouched.     Images are not stories, but they raise a […]

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The Perfect Host

Creativity and Madness

The relationship between creativity and madness is a longstanding topic for psychologists and artists alike, but answers elude all. Nevertheless, the question continues to haunt students of the human psyche. So, if others think you half-mad to be a writer, or if you sometimes fear they may be right, take a look at this take […]

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That’s Just Your Imagination

“You’re imagining things!” How often have you heard someone respond this way? A husband to a wife, maybe? One friend to another? A parent to a child? In any case, it’s clearly a put-down. When I was teaching writing my college freshmen assured me the imagination is a thing of childhood—fairytales and Winnie the Pooh—given […]

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