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Enough is Enough is Enough

For left-leaning university departments to impose one political theory as Truth is brainwashing, not education and is very little different from powers on the right threatening the Speaker of the House for talking with the opposing party.

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The Silent Battle for Control

  Donald Trump screams abuse at a courtroom he can’t control. House speaker Johnson faces threats to depose him if he brings legislative order to the House. Against the ever-increasing loss of life, Ukraine continues to resist the control of Putin. Netanyahu promises annihilation of  Hamas, who seeks the destruction of Israel. The press is […]

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Freedom from What? To Do What?

  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Few tenets of the US Constitution have been as […]

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Biden’s Challenge

  When asked about his advanced age, President Biden’s response was, “Watch me.” On March 7th, he gave a ninety-minute performance that should have silenced the nay-sayers of both parties. The media, for the first time, was excited—even astonished?—by the speech. He dared to confront the enemy: “…When you get to be my age, certain […]

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The MAGA Challenge

Last week I wrote a blog on MSNBC’s talent for blowing trivia into outrage, but before I could post it, the District of Columbia Appeals Court ruled that Trump is not above the law, that his plea for Presidential immunity isn’t valid. With that event, the case charging him with insurrection took a giant leap […]

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2024: A Critical Challenge

  Everywhere I hear sighs of relief as we close the door on 2023. That is certainly true at our house. Starting in January 2023 when I broke my leg, followed by the loss of two dogs and a broken hip—this time my housemate’s. a rough year. Beyond our doors, the nation moved closer and […]

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The Perfect Storm

The Week of August 18th, 2023 carried an interesting debate among liberal columnists on the causes of Trump populism. In the article, MAGA: Are Elites to Blame? David Brooks of the New York Times argues that the chief cause of MAGA is economic—that meritocracy and globalism has confined prosperity to the educated class. Zach Beauchamp […]

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What Has Happened to Us?

I’ve just finished reading Imperfect Heart: a Journal, a Book club, and a Global Pandemic, a good writer friend’s* as yet unpublished chronical of the Covid pandemic. A blend of non-fiction and fiction, the book opens in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic, leads up to the January 6th attempted coup, and ends […]

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Testing the Strength of Our Democracy

Today, I’ve been watching the arrest of Donald Trump. For half of the nation it marks the strength of the system in bringing a criminal and dangerous leader to justice. For the other half, it is a major miscarriage of justice, a victory for a system turned criminal. The latter half cried for protest, but […]

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Lessons From the Debt Limit Victory

  The ease with which President Biden and House Speaker Kenneth McCarthy reached a deal on the debt limit and the speed with which it passed through both houses of Congress gives us a rare view of democracy as it should work. Ross Douthart, in today’s New York Times (June 6, 2023) credits this success […]

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Motherhood & Freedom

Sunday is Mother’s Day, the twenty-four-hour period of required respect for the women who shaped us, and which, for today’s women, is life’s greatest cause of ambivalence. In my day, motherhood was the default occupation, the expected role of adulthood. Today women are urged to remain “free” to develop themselves, their careers, their interests and […]

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The University in a Polarized Nation  

    Law students at Stanford University have been shouting down professors and other students, and the scene apparently has been repeated at other top-rated law schools around the country. That the uncivil behavior of polarization has reached universities does not come as a surprise, but it is, nevertheless, upsetting. I grew up in the […]

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