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The Camera's Eye

THE CAMERA’S EYE: A tale of the insidious power of hatred

“The Camera’s Eye” showcases author Judith Kirscht’s genuine flair for originality, creativity, and mastery of the narrative driven novel. A deftly crafted and engaging read from beginning to end, “The Camera’s Eye” will prove to be an enduringly popular, especially for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.
—Midwest Book Review

“A peaceful home in the San Juan Islands turns perilous when two women are persecuted by residents who have plenty to hide … Master storyteller Judith Kirscht presents a thrilling mystery with heart, ripe for today’s environment and rich for readers …”
—Chanticleer Reviews

“Judith Kirscht has again shown her keen talent for keeping her reading audience in suspense with this thrilling mystery. … Old hatreds and fears surface, tarnishing relationships and hindering good judgment. Prejudice is passed from generation to generation …”
–Mary Trimble, Author, Sailing With Impunity

THE CAMERA’S EYE was a finalist for the William Faulkner Wisdom Award in 2015.

THE CAMERA’S EYE was shortlisted for Chanticleer Reviews Somerset Prize for mainstream and literary fiction.

The novel is on Shelf Unbound’s Honored 100 list of indie novels.

THE CAMERA’S EYE is available by order from: your local bookstore, and Barnes and Noble.

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Published by New Libri Press

Hawkins Lane by Judith Kirscht

HAWKINS LANE: A story of love gone wrong

“Kirscht has penned a poignant story of two good people who struggle to escape their pasts and carve out a fulfilling life together.”
–Chanticleer Reviews

“…this novel…felt so real that I had to remind myself this isn’t a true story but a work of fiction.”
–Readers’ Favorite

Chanticleer Reviews “Best in Category,” Somerset Award, 2015




HAWKINS LANE available by order from: your local bookstore, and Barnes and Noble.

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HOME FIRES: The effect of suspicion on the life of a family

“Kirscht unflinchingly faces the darker and often concealed sides of families and marriages and the dysfunctions that surface in a myriad of unexpected ways.”
–Chanticleer Reviews

“…Honest, real and profound, Home Fires will challenge you in a very keep level and open your heart on another.”
–Readers Favorite Reviews

Chanticleer Reviews “Best in Category,” Somerset Award, finalists Readers Favorite General Fiction Award, finalist PNWA Nancy Pearl Award—all in 2014.

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HOME FIRES is available by order from: your local bookstore, and Barnes and Noble


The Inheritors by Judith Kirscht

THE INHERITORS: Finding identity in a polarized society

“Kirscht’s powerful novel centers on the conflict between races and nationalities in Chicago. It explors the character of a woman who is subjected to racial, clsss and family conflicts. Above all, The Inheritors is a story of love …”
—Readers Favorite Reviews

“Kirscht deftly tackles the sensitive issues of racism, cultural bias, and discrimination from … a new and different perspective. She shows through The Inheritors timeline the ever changing nature of ethnicity, culture and belonging.”
—Chanticleer Reviews



THE INHERITORS is available by order from:  your local bookstore, and Barnes and Noble


Nowhere Else to Go by Judith Kirscht

NOWHERE ELSE TO GO: The outbreak of the culture wars and the profound effect of its polarizing forces on the young

“… You will be swept up in her tale of one small fictional town in the ’60s and the students, the teachers and the parents there who found themselves fed into the meat grinder of social conflict.   . I was reluctant to put this one down.”
—Robert Motram, In Search of America’s Heartbeat

“This book has it all: Important issues, great characters, excellent dialog, AND it is a really good read. From the first pages the reader is captured by the characters and a story that gradually builds to a page-turner climax.    If you are looking for a book that is thought provoking as well as entertaining, you need look no further than Nowhere Else To Go.”
— Reader


NOWHERE ELSE TO GO is available by order from:  your local bookstore, and Barnes and Noble.


Books by Judith Kirscht are available in print and ebook  at local bookstores, Barnes & Noble and — also available for loan at libraries in Stanwood, LaConner, Anacortes and Mount Vernon, WA.

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