Nowhere Else To Go: A Novel about Racial Tension in America

Nowhere Else to Go

A Novel by Judith Kirscht


Nowhere Else to Go by Judith KirschtMemo from the Author

“Those frustrated by the gridlock of hostilities facing us today may read this as the birth of the culture wars. Student, teachers, and parents may feel the profound effect of those polarizing forces on the young. You will, I hope, be moved by the lives caught up in the turmoil of those days.”    —Judy Kirscht

Overview: A Story of Racial Tension in America

As the racial and political upheavals following the assassination of Martin Luther King tear apart the Midwestern college town of Norton Bluffs, white Principal, Cassie Daniels’ junior high school threatens to become a battleground for white fear, university idealism, and black anger. With convictions shaped by the integrated backwater where she grew up, Cassie fights to maintain stability as hostile camps, including that of her idealistic husband, split her faculty, terrorize her students, and threaten both her job and her marriage. The chief victims of this battle are the students from that integrated neighborhood whose budding adolescence is consumed by the warring factions of both town and school. Told in many voices, the story takes us inside the turmoil that has polarized the nation ever since.

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