THE CAMERA’S EYE: Another Good Read Coming Soon!

I’m delighted to announce that  THE CAMERA’S EYE, my fifth novel, will be out in electronic format on November 4th. Set on a fictional island in the Puget Sound, it’s a contemporary story full of suspense. Here is a taste.


From the Beginning

The crash sat Veronica Lorimer up in her bed. A second one, followed by a revving engine and spurt of gravel from spinning tires, sent her toward the stairs, pulling on a robe as she went. Half way down, she stopped, staring. Cold rushed in through a gaping black hole where the window had been, and a pair of rocks lay on the rug in a pool of shards, glistening in the porch light.

“Lotti?” Her call was a hoarse whisper as shock opened a vast space around her, and her head spun. Who? Why? People threw rocks to make other people leave—Muslims, Blacks, Asians—anyone different. Not gray-haired white ladies who looked like English teachers.

“Charlotte!” Her voice expressed her impatience this time, but there was no response from the back bedroom where Lotti slept with her hearing aids out.

She stared out into the blackness until her eyeballs burned, but could make out nothing but the wall of trees silhouetted against the night sky. She clenched her teeth to stop the shivering as the November air penetrated her robe. Evergreens dripped from the night’s rain, pocking the silence. Just a small, sleeping island in the Puget Sound.

Her gaze swept the room searching for some reason and landed on her camera—Constance the Nikon—sitting on the coffee table. Was that it? For years Constance had captured whatever caught her eye with no thought of consequences. Some secret laid bare? Veronica mentally scanned the photos laid out on her work table for her next book. What had she exposed? Veronica slammed her mind shut as the faces of her children rose, dimmed by the wall of silence they’d imposed. No. Surely not after all this time. Not rock throwing.

 And the end

Her mother’s face rose in her mind, drawn, its lines hardened by the years, standing at the sink after her husband’s death. “Truth is always Janus-faced,” she’d said. “It never pays to forget that.”




The book should be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by the end of this month, and the print edition will be out in September. Do give it a shot!

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