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Polarization and the Writer

  One of the frustrating aspects of the current polarization is that it freezes everyone in place and eliminates the journey through multiple groups and identities that we call life. For a writer, that is a deep freeze, for stories lie in the journey, in crossing the boundaries out of the world where you were […]

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Scenes from END OF THE RACE

Time to change the tune from stories of conflict to stories of love. Here are some scenes from END OF THE RACE that give a picture of Annika’s and Brian’s childhood bond. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brian, Age 10 1984 Brian braked his bike. Ahead, where the creek alongside the path drifted into a pond, a girl in […]

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Origin of a Species

   I am not an historical novel writer, but The Inheritors grows out of the history of Chicago, especially of the neighborhood I’d chosen as a setting. This early industrial area area just west of the downtown (or Loop, as it’s called) , drew immigrant groups in the early Twentieth Century.  My research carried me […]

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The Inheritors, a novel by Judith Kirscht

Liberation, Part II

    As promised last week, here is the second part of the short story begun in last week’s blog—a writer’s view of the Sixties turmoil that, according to Ezra Klein and others, opened the split in the nation’s psyche.  As I said before, these stories later became a part of my second novel, THE […]

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End of the Race

END OF THE RACE: Changing the Tune

I just received a review of END OF THE RACE from Diane Donovan of Midwest Reviews. Here is an excerpt: Readers of women’s fiction who enjoy stories of challenge, transformation, and already-strong women forced to examine the foundations of their beliefs and lives will find End of the Race weaves mystery, intrigue, and self-inspection in a vivid, […]

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END OF THE RACE in ebook format will be free from June 1st through June 20th at Amazon or your favorite ebook site. Enjoy!  Here are some reviews From Chanticleer Reviews — An intricate mystery set in a small fictional town in northern Michigan, End of the Race is contemporary fiction at its finest. Annika Wolfson is […]

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Being American–A Short Story

In THE INHERITORS, Alicia discovers her mother’s history in the abandoned Bartley mansion, once the home of a Chicago industrialist. Such mansions, their marble entries opening into warrens of apartments, dotted the streets of the inner-city district where I worked as a welfare worker. This particular one is fiction, and, bolstered by research into Chicago’s […]

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After weeks of writing of the conflicts engulfing America, it’s time for an antidote. Though I think END OF THE RACE is a story of redemption, Leif Enger’s PEACE LIKE A RIVER is a powerful dose of good medicine. An elixir, like breathing deeply of enduring love. Rather than trying, and failing, to convey a […]

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End of the Race


If you’re a reader, your email is full of book promotions, announcements, and recommendations. So why choose END OF THE RACE? Because it will take you to a place that will evaporate the tensions in your life. Annika gazed at the land that had encompassed her life—the open arms of Traverse Bay, the vast stretch […]

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End of the Race


I’m now proud to announce that END OF THE RACE will be in print as of Monday, May 3rd. After all of the blog discussion of polarization, culture wars, and social change, it’s time to refocus on the central theme of this book. By 2007, the cleavage of right from left was a done deal. […]

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