VOTE! What for?


If you’re wondering why vote, you don’t understand what’s going on in this country. If you’re sick of politicians and consider them a bunch of crooks, your negative judgment is contributing to a problem that is consuming the democracy you take for granted. Democracies die of apathy and cynicism.

Wake up and look at the election news, the ads, the Tweets, the commentators. Look at the WORDS and IMAGES flying at you. Read the two statements below.

  1. Democracy cannot afford ignorance, cynicism, and sloth. For two hundred and twenty odd years people have struggled to make it government that listens, serves up justice, helps them to prosper. Because they have, you now enjoy the right to vote, a free press, police that are trained in fairness, legislatures revised continuously according to the will of the people. But democracy is fragile; it requires a people who understand how it works, who have tolerance and fair-mindedness ingrained from birth, who understand that the government is their voice, and it is their duty to exercise their right to guide it.
  2. America is run rich elites supported by angry mobs who lie to the rest of us and corrupted by crooks everywhere who are bent on destroying our way of life. They’ve opened our borders to drug dealers and terrorists, turned the government over to perverts, destroyed the factories of the working people, turned our courts into playgrounds of evil people bent on turning the country over to those who never worked a day in their lives, drug addicts, perverts violent gangs, and killers.

Just words. Really? Did your guts respond differently to those words? That is the power of rhetoric, of words and images One demands attention to the democracy you’ve inherited, to your better and needed half, the other appeals to all of your fears. We all have fears; we all have hates. And half of our people have already fallen victim of leaders whose rhetoric deliberately appeal to those qualities–the most dangerous of the human passions

So you don’t believe you have the advantages mentioned in the first paragraph? Then democracy hasn’t finished its work. The prior generations have left it for you to continue the struggle. Have you, in the past few years, been losing those your trust in those invaluable but taken for granted gifts? The achievements of those who have gone before you?

Then you’d best wake up and take a look at that rhetoric, because rhetoric is fire; it can warm or destroy. Join those who are begging you to defend your democracy before the fire spreads further.



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